The return of #CBLoL: check out the games of the first day

The return of #CBLoL: check out the games of the first day

Hello and good afternoon, E-Sports fans! It’s with this iconic phrase from Docil that we start another year with #CBLoL and amazing games out there. Coming from a virtually general change in format, timing and regulation, the Brazilian League of Legends Championship caught fire on its debut. Check out the games:

KBM x Fla eSports

The first game of CBLoL 2019 was Kabum vs Flamengo eSports, yielding the first blood for Zantins, player of Kabum, that took the front and did better than the Robot in the toplane. Flamengo managed to open a good advantage in this match, with a gigantic Kai’Sa, and guaranteeing the Herald and the Baron, got the GGWP! First win for Flamengo eSports! The highlight of the match was Luci.


Vivo Keyd x Uppercut eSports

In the second game, Vivo Keyd returns to CBLoL and faces Uppercut eSports (formerly IDM). First Blood went to Keyd’s team, who started the game wanting to show for what they came, with a triple kill from Klaus! At 21 minutes into the game, Uppercut got the Baron’s first robbery of the 2019 CBLoL and turned the game that way, but still rolled enough cardiac test in that game, which ended with the victory of Uppercut, with the sum of three Barons, five Dragons and a great execution of the game! The highlight of that match was AlternativeX.


Redemption eSports POA x ProGaming eSports

Third game of the day and nobody gets tired of LoL! ProGaming started the game with a gorgeous gank at the top, which earned them the first kill. At 18 minutes, the first tower was knocked down in favor of PRG. Quieter game in kills, with all players calm and using all possible tactics. Redemption managed a double kill in the 22nd minute and left for Baron, securing an advantage over PRG. Redemption can guarantee victory after a well executed and very calm game, without running over and getting too fussy. GGWP! The highlight of the match was Dudstheboy.



With a composition that brought Yasuo to the game, the CNB faced INTZ in this fourth and final game of the first day of CBLoL 2019. The first blood went to Tay with 12 minutes of play. After being able to dominate the CNB almost perfectly, INTZ left for the Baron and got the victory, leaving the CNB team with a score of 0 kills. Difficult, right? The synergy between the players of the CNB left to be desired, but we will see how they will come back in the next game! The highlight of the match was Shini.



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